Friday, 27 May 2011

Bookworm Status

Hi Bookworms,

I know that I owe you a new book review and I am going to set a deadline for it. My deadline is next weekend, Saturday, June 4th. I have been really busy with school exams. I am almost done Distant Waves by Suzanne Weyn, and it is getting better page by page. I am at page 193 and there are 314 pages. I will review it the moment that I finish. I am very interested in the book and its story but it takes awhile to become attached to the story. I can't wait to review it (since it is getting better)!

My grandparents are coming to France to see me and they are going to bring two books for me. Both books are by the most amazing author Ally Carter. The first one is called Only the Good Spy Young and it is the 4th book in the Gallagher Girls series. The second book is called Heist Society and it is the first book in Ally Carter's new series (the series does not yet have a name). I can't wait to read them. They have only just come out!!! You should see my face if someone puts a new Ally Carter book in front of me. I freak out! Usually a 200 to 400 page book takes me two to two and a half weeks to read (I often read an hour every day) but I whip through Ally Carter books in about one week. I am in love with her books! To see Ally Carter book reviews click on Ally Carter's name in the 'authors' section on my blog.

Those are all the bookworm updates for now. You can enjoy bookworm news by clicking on the Bookworm News icon in the Book Genres box on the right side of the page.

Never forget...

Once a bookworm, always a bookworm. - Gia


  1. You always sound so upbeat, Gia! Thanks for the report. Study hard and then you can read all summer long! Have fun with your grandparents!

  2. Dear Toria,

    I'm not that upbeat! Thanks for reading my reviews and following me. The idea of reading all summer long sounds great! I have to work hard for a little while longer... but reviews will follow!

    Happy reading Toria,