Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Guess who just got some super-sale books?!

Hey Bookworms,

A week ago, I went to a bookstore in downtown Kelowna called Mosaic Books and found that they had a amazing sale on books. We're talking 70%-50% off loads of teen and tween books! I was so excited and started to get my hands on all of the good books that I could find!
I found lots of books by amazing authors that I love, like Sarah Dessen and Wendy Mass. I also found some books by Mary Hooper, who's tween books I used to adore.

Here is a list of all my very exciting new books:

#1 A Mango Shaped Space by Wendy Mass

-- Looks like a quick, fun read.

#2 Newes From The Dead by Mary Hooper
-- Looks very dramatic.

#3 A Perfect Gentle Knight by Kit Pearson

-- Looks like I will cry at the end.

#4 Along For the Ride by Sarah Dessen

-- Looks like another mushy-romance-love story.

#5 Guantanamo Boy by Anna Perera

-- Looks interesting and scary.

I am SO excited and cannot wait to read and review all five of these books!

Have a great summer book worms!


Saturday, 30 June 2012

The Book of the Maidservant

The Book of the Maidservant

By Rebecca Barnhouse


It's the Middle Ages and young Joanna is growing up in a holy woman's household as her maidservant. Joanna's mistress, Dame Margery Kemp, is divorced and lives alone in Northern England. But one day, Dame Margery says to Joanna that the Lord had spoken to her and that he wants her to go on a pilgrimage to Rome with Joanna. Joanna has no choice, she must go and she must walk all day in bare feet. At the end of each day, she must cook, clean and wait on all of the other ladies and lords on the pilgrimage.

Joanna soon adapts to her new on-the-go life, but when the other pilgrims get fed up with Dame Margery, she decides to abandon the pilgrimage.  Joanna must continue onto Rome with the rest of the pilgrims, one of whom  is very dangerous.

She feels alone.
She feels lost.
She feels betrayed.
She feels scared.

Will she make it to Rome... alive?


The Book of the Maidservant was an unusual book with lots of interesting characters, but it still seemed to be missing something.

I absolutely adored the fact that this was a historical romance and I loved the way that the author described Joanna's life in the Middle Ages. Even though Joanna had a miserable life throughout her trip to Rome, the author somehow made it seem like it was an incredible adventure.

The plot was well thought-out, and Joanna's life and her travels were very interesting. I liked how on the trip to Rome she got to meet lots of different people and learn more about them.

I felt like I was living in the Middle Ages when I was reading this book. Rebecca Barnhouse, the author, did a very good job at describing what was going on around Joanna and what she saw, her descriptions were very vivid.

I think that what the book was missing, was progression of the story and of events. The whole story and all of its events seemed to be lingering on too much and I thought that if the book that been any longer I would have stopped and never restarted. I wish that the author could have made things happen more quickly.

Recommended for any tween or teen age 12+

Monday, 25 June 2012

Heaven Looks A Lot Like The Mall

Heaven looks A Lot Like The Mall

By Wendy Mass


One day, 16 year old Tessa suffers a terrible accident in gym class and she goes into a coma. But in her head she is in heaven, and for her, that means that she is in the mall where her parents worked and where she has, in a way, grown up. That's her heaven.

In the so-called heaven/mall, she meets a boy who has also suffered a traumatic accident. When Tessa asks him why she is in the mall, he tells her she is here to figure out who she is and to try to understand why and how she has changed over the course of her life. Just before he leaves, he gives Tessa a shopping bag and tells her that it contains the most important things that she has ever bought from the mall.

At first Tessa is confused, but soon she lets her memory take over and remembers her old life as it flashes before her eyes once again...

As Tessa remembers the good and decisions that she has made, she also remembers a very different version of herself than who she is today. She regrets choices and actions that she took and she can't help wondering if it is it too late to change?


Once again, Wendy Mass has done it! This book is brilliant! It is a page-turner that talks about a girl who goes to 'heaven' while she is in a coma. It was a unbelievably fantastic plot with lots of twists and turns.

Tessa is a realistic character who a lot of teens will be able to relate to. I think that a lot of teen girls would like to go to 'heaven' like Tessa and figure out what we did wrong in our lives and see the mistakes that we made without realizing it. Also, none of us are perfect and I think that after reading this book, I feel more comfortable in my own skin and have learnt to accept that everybody makes mistakes, and that that is just part of life and that I wouldn't learn from my mistakes if I didn't have any.  I think that I lot of girls, tween or teen, would benefit from reading about Tessa's trip to 'heaven'.

I loved that when Tessa was in 'heaven' each item that was in the shopping bag that was given to her had its own story and that after reading about every item and its story, I felt like I knew her. Wendy Mass builds the character of Tessa throughout the book.

I also found it very interesting that the entire book was written in verse.  It didn't rhyme, but it was written as if it was a poem. At first I thought that it might have just been the first page or two that was written like that but, but no, the entire book. I am surprising myself by saying this, but I absolutely loved it! It is what made the book such a page turner! In one verse was a bit of her life which suddenly stopped and I just needed to get to the next verse, and then the next, and since the verses are quick and easy to read, the story progresses quickly.

This was the best Wendy Mass that I have ever read and one of the best books ever!

Recommended for all teen girls 14+

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Book Countdown Update

Hello Bookworms!

I am just writing a quick little post to let you know how everything is going regarding the book countdown...

It has been going very slowly, unfortunately, mostly because of the stress of packing boxes and cleaning our apartment here before we leave to go to Vancouver. Also, I just got back from a week-long school trip on Friday and had a big dance recital Saturday evening (yesterday), for which I had to prepare all day long!

I had no time to read on my school trip and have been so busy that I am sadly stopping the book countdown 10 days before the deadline. I have just finished The Book of the Maidservant by Rebecca Barnhouse, which leaves me with three books to read in just ten days. Now if they were all quite short books, I might be able to pull it off; but since Inkspell by Cornelia Funke is about 500 pages long and in small print, there is absolutely no way that I will be done the three remaining books in time. Another reason is that there are lots of other books that I want to read and when ever I pick them up, read the back cover and get excited, I have to remind myself that I have other books that I have to read for my book challenge. And I hate that, because I am missing out on a lot of really good books, and that is not at all my intention with my book countdown.

I am going to read the three remaining books, though, just not right now because I am in a different 'book period' in my life and am interested in different books...

Look out for the review of The Book of the Maidservant by Rebecca Barnhouse, coming out this week!


P.S.: I almost forgot to mention that I am now a TEEN!!! The name of the blog will still stay the same though!

Thursday, 24 May 2012

What Katy Did

What Katy Did

By Susan Coolidge


Katy is a lively twelve year old girl, growing up in a big house in the countryside with her six brothers and sisters. She is a very tall, carefree girl who is always untidy, with a tear in her dress and her hair forever in a tangle. She wants to be good, but she just never seems to be able to get out of her untidy ways. She has never cared about what other people think of her and wants to be 'something big' when she grows up. She is always up to some mischief or of on a so-called 'big' adventure with her best friend Cecy Hall. Katy has always been happy girl, just playing outside, inventing a story or doing something, that, in the end, will get her into trouble.

But one dramatic day, Katy has a terrible accident, one which would change her life forever...

She is forced to remember her old ways and all of her happy memories again, when she is told that she may never walk again.

Katy is completely devastated, but knows that she must find the courage to continue living a normal life and remember how happy she used to be...


When I first picked up What Katy Did I was awaiting a story about some girl while she goes through some tough period in her life, but, What Katy Did is a feel-good book, full of tension and courage and is beautifully written.

Katy is such a wonderful character and she is very interesting to watch as she changes and adapts to her new life after her accident. At the beginning of the book, I didn't like her so much, though. I found that she was very bossy with her younger siblings and that she was not a character in a book that anybody would want to be like. But as the story progressed, I grew to like her more and more. She started to really reflect on what life was really about, and what she had been doing with her life and how selfish she had been.
I think that Susan Coolidge (author) does a wonderful job of portraying Katy as she changed, learned to accept and understand how she was going to continue living her newly changed life. Coolidge also did a superb job of weaving the lives of Katy's siblings with hers.

Katy's Cousin Helen, a character who appears at the end of the book, and who has a big impact on Katy's life was very, very well, (maybe even better than the other characters) described and I think that she was the character who I could picture the most, because she seemed very real and life like and she seemed to bring the book alive somehow. Her presence in the book made the story feel very alive and true, and I thank Coolidge for putter Helen in the book as she changed it so much!

I think that this is a book that could make teens all around the world laugh, cry and help them to accept who they are and why the are here, in the world.
What a wonderful read written by one of the only authors who can really make a character leap off of the page and any moment in the story....

An absolute must read!

Recommended for ages 14+