Sunday, 27 February 2011

Girl's Best Friend, A Maggie Brooklyn Mystery

Girl's Best Friend, A Maggie Brooklyn Mystery

 By Leslie Margolis

I chose to review this book first because it is my very favorite book and might always be! I highly recommend it for any tween girl looking for a book with friendship, mysteries and action. Definitely 5 stars!!!

In Girl's Best Friend  the heroine, Maggie Brooklyn, learns how to create a friendship, even with a dog. When Maggie was little, she wanted to start a pet store or even have a pet, but her parents wouldn't let her have a pet. Even so Maggie finds a way to be around pets. She started a dog walking business behind her parents' backs. But now she has no idea of what's coming.

Maggie is a dog walker so she knows all the local dog news. She see things other people don't see and she knows things that other people don't know.  She knows something is happening... happening very secretly. Dogs are going missing all over Brooklyn, and even the dog of Maggie's ex-best friend, Ivy,  has gone missing. Maggie may not like Ivy, but Maggie has nothing against her dog. At the same time, Maggie's crush, Milo, has been acting very weirdly around her. Maggie suspects that he may even have something to do with all the dissaperaring dogs, and she becomes more worried than ever. Can Maggie figure out why all the dogs are going missing before it's too late?

I enjoyed reading Girl's Best Friend because I really relate to Maggie. She is a very energetic, fun and mysterious person. Leslie Margolis (the author) has done an amazing job at making the story feel so real. When you read the book, you jump into a whole other world and become Maggie Brooklyn. I find Maggie so real and believable. She is a normal girl living her life,  when a dog walking business transforms her life. Her daily life is now filled with adventure, as she solves one big mystery and tons of little ones along the way.

I found this book very inspiring and very engaging. Leslie Margolis has really captured the truth of the ups and downs of real friendship. It makes you realise the value of what you have. Over all, this is a brilliant book with no faults (from my perspective). Wonderful job Margolis!

For more information please check out Maggie Brooklyn's website:
The website has all sorts of games, movies, music and you can explore Maggie's neighborhood.

263 pages

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  1. Cool review, Gia! Very well written! I would like to read this book because of your review!