Wednesday, 2 March 2011

At the sign of the Sugared Plum

At the Sign of the Sugared Plum

By Mary Hooper

Hannah Brown is a normal teenage girl living in a little town not far from London.  Hannah's oldest sister, Sarah, is living in London and is the owner of a sweetmeats shop.   When Hannah is invited to help her sister in London she is filled with excitement.  But when Hannah arrives in London, things are not what she had expected.

As Hannah struggles to fit in with the city styles, she also struggles to survive her worst fear, the plague.  Hannah and her sister Sarah take all the remedies to protect themselves.  Hannah's doctor also  happens to be a young man her age, and she soon has even more on her mind. As Hannah's love life takes hold, so does the plague.  Hannah can help others survive, but can she survive? 

I really enjoyed this book since it is historical and I love historical books. I had never imagined that the plague could have such an impact in English history. Mary Hooper (author) really makes you feel the same way any other person that was trying to survive the plague would feel.

When I read this book I traveled back more than 300 years and became Hannah Brown. I felt the terror and shock that she felt. I love how Hooper added a love life for Hannah during the plague. This book shows the truth in love, sisterhood and most importantly, survival.

161 pages


  1. Gia, I totally want to read this book because I teach about the plague in my biology class! Nice review! :)

  2. Dear Auntie Toria,

    This book is definity a book for you to read if you teach biology courses on the Plague. The Plague had a MAJOR impact on English history and it is important to know how much. The Plague is a sickness that will probobly never come back but it is good(I think) to know the damage and pain that it gives the humain body. You need a good book to explain that and At the sign of the Sugared Plum is a very good book to have on your shelf to help you understand.
    I hope that you enjoyed this review.


  3. I thought everyone knew how big an effect the Plague had! It's a great little book, I can't wait for the sequel. New follower, hope to read more from you!

    ComaCalm's review of Sign of the Sugared Plum