Friday, 11 March 2011

Prisoners in the Palace

Prisoners in the Palace

By Michaela MacColl

In 1836, Liza, a 17 year old girl living in London, is shocked by the sudden death of her wealthy parents. Liza is left with taxes and houses to pay for and is forced to find a job. Liza is offered a job as a lady's maid to princess Victoria. Even though the life of a maid will be difficult, it is the only job Liza is offered, so she accepts right away.

Liza struggles to fit in amongst the other maids at Kensington Palace.  Princess Victoria accepts Liza as more than a maid, as a friend.  On one of Liza's days off she meets a newspaper boy, Will.  Although Liza is deeply in love with Will, her loyalty belongs to the princess. 

King William IV, Victoria's Uncle is close to death and Victoria is next in line to the throne. When Liza figures out that Sir John, a close confidant of princess Victoria's mother, is plotting to steal the throne from Victoria, she knows she must help Victoria.  The two girls team up, but it turns out they have more things to worry about than they had realised.  They can trust no one but themselves, and they don't have much time to find the people plotting against Victoria and to save Victoria's throne.

Prisoners in the Palace my favourite historical book. Queen Victoria is my all-time favourite queen of England and Prisoners in the Palace is a wonderful representation of Queen Victoria's last months as a princess.

Liza is a fictional character, she is a very real character for me. Liza's life seemed so miserable but when she becomes closer to princess Victoria she is puts all her sadness aside and finds another side of herself. I can feel the friendship between Liza and princess Victoria developing and I see how much stronger and braver Liza becomes. Liza's loyalty, love and care for the young princess is very well shown. In this book Liza faces many challenges alongside princess Victoria. I find that Liza is a very influential person and I hope that one day I will have the same courage as Liza.

Spectacular read! Highly recommended for EVERYONE.

This book was chosen for me by one amazing lady at KidsBooks in Vancouver, all my thanks go out to Sarah. You always find me the best books, don't worry I'll be back soon!!!

362 pages

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  1. Nice! I hope that you might lend me these books one day! You sure are reading a lot!

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