Sunday, 27 March 2011

Slave Girl

Slave Girl

By Patricia C McKissack

In 1859, 12 year old Clotee is working as a slave in the Henly household in Virginia.   Too young to work in the fields, Clotee is assigned to fan young master William during his lessons.  Unable to read and write, Clotee finds some happiness listening to his lessons.

When a new tutor comes, he catches Clotee reading over William's shoulder. She becomes worried she will be whipped or worse. As winter advances Clotee's work gets harder than ever with all the guests arriving. 'Freedom' is all the slaves ever talk about.  All but Clotee. For Clotee, freedom is just another word that doesn't mean anything.  Yet when Clotee is introduced to a group of abolitionists and the underground railway, her life changes for ever.

Slave Girl is another book from the My Story series. I very much enjoyed reading Slave Girl because it was just a short read to introduce you to the practice of slavery. Before I read this book I was not very interested in reading about slavery, but this book has gotten me more interested in the subject.

I feel that I relate to the main character, Clotee, because I am almost the same age as her and I love adventures (even if they are only ever in books). I absolutely love the fact that in the book the author gave Clotee a secret love life. Clotee is a very brave and courageous character and so she is a wonderful role model for any young girl. Clotee shows that you should be grateful for what you have.

There is a bit of a challenge in reading this book though -- it is that the entire book is written in what Clotee calls 'slave writing'. That is to say that the book is written like this:

(Example) "I aine 'bout to cook and not eat."
(Real spelling) I am not about to cook and not eat.

Some readers might find it hard to read at first, but after the first 10 pages you'll be reading Slave Girl like it was any other book.

This adventure and romance book is one that any tween would enjoy. I highly recommend it.

225 pages


  1. Great review, thanks. Could you tell us something about the series? Are they all like this, a kind of historical voice from a sort of made up character?

  2. Yes, all the books in the MY STORY series are fiction. Each book tells a story of a girl during a well known event. Ex: World war 2= War nurse. Often at the end of each book there are paintings or images of the event. Sometimes there is even a letter that had been saved!