Sunday, 3 April 2011



By Cornelia Funke


Meggie is a 12 year old girl with no mother and only her father to love and confide in. Meggie calls her father Mo, just the way her mother did. Mo knows all Meggie's secrets and Meggie knows all his secrets, at least she thinks she does. On one sunny morning some strange visitor stops by who's name is Dustfinger. When Mo tells Meggie that he and Dustfinger must leave at once she wants more than ever to go with him.

Meggie is hoping that Mo will take her and Dustfinger on an some incredible adventure, but she is disappointed when this 'adventure' turns into a trip to her aunt's house. Meggie's aunt ADORES books. She has a mansion full of them. In every single room there are books stacked to the ceiling. But when Meggie find's Mo hiding a book she is determined to figure out what the book is and why he is hiding it from her. 

On one dark night, a dozen men break into Meggie's aunt's mansion and take her father, threaten to kill him and take the hidden book. Meggie is in shock and want's to find Mo and the mysterious book.

When Meggie sets off to find Mo and to have an adventure of her own she figures out that behind that book, lies a whole other world.


Inkheart is the first book in a trilogy written by Cornelia Funke. Inkheart is a book full of magical characters. A lot of the characters are ones that will make you laugh. Note this is completely different from Harry Potter.  Cornelia Funke has an extremely view of magic from J.K. Rowling. 

Meggie is a very strong and brave character because she is very determined and she won't give up. I think that a lot of girls can relate to a character like her. Inkheart is a very different book style. There are a lot of different things going on at the same time in the book. Each person has their own personal adventure, but at the same time everyone is sharing the same adventure and mystery. In the summary I definitely could have gone on for lines and lines about the book but then there would be no more story left for you.  This book is a book with adventure and a mystery. I absolutely ADORED Inkheart, it is the best book I have read in a long time.

Spectacular, impossibly perfect read. Highly recommended.

534 pages


  1. Will boys like this book, or is it really meant for girls?

  2. If I LOVED Harry Potter, will I like this? Or, will I just be comparing it to HP the whole time?

  3. Dear Toria,

    I agree with you, HP is great, but I find that Inkheart is a very differant adventure and is not a book of the same type or style. If you choose to read Inkheart you are most likley to be comparing it to HP in your mind for one HUGE reason, that is, that the main character in each book is VERY alike. When I started to read Inkheart I thought that it was just another HP book but, dont worry, by the 25th page you will realise that it is not a HP book and you will get more engaged with the story and will stop comparing it to HP. Happy reading!


  4. Dear Anonymous,

    I think that boys AND girls would like Inkheart. I would not class this book in a 'Boys Books' column but I would not class it in a 'Girls Books' column either. It is a book with an adventure that a boy and a girl could (or can) share. Although the main character is a girl, she is a tomboy. She does not act like a girly girl but not like a tough boy either, she likes things that are, lets just say, unisexual. She likes to be around boys but also around girls. She gets along with both sexes.Any girl or boy of any age would probobly like this book. It has deatils, objects, people and things in the book that make the story a wonderful read for anyone. Thanks for commenting!