Thursday, 21 April 2011

Cross My Heart and Hope to Spy

Cross My Heart and Hope to Spy 

By Ally Carter


Cammie Morgan is back at the Gallagher Academy, ready for a peaceful semester. Cammie can't wait to settle into her dormitory in the left wing of the school, but that is no longer a possibility.  Apparently the left wing is being 'renovated'.  When Cammie is in her mum's office (her mom is the school's head mistress) and sees a file labeled 'Blackthorne,' Cammie is very suspicious.  She and her friends are usually the girls in the school who know all the secrets and fresh news. She wonders why she doesn't know what 'Blackthorne' is.

Cammie tries to focus on her studies but she is distracted by the image of the 'Blackthorne' file in her mom's office which is stuck in her head. She thinks that it might have something to do with the 'renovating' in the left wing because she saw a 'TBI' sign on the door to the left wing dormitories. Cammie thinks that she has figured out the 'TBI' sign. She thinks that she has decoded the first two letters: The Blackthorne ...

While Cammie and her friends do all the research on the mysterious  'Blackthorne' something is going on the left wing, and it is not being 'renovated'.  


Cross my heart... is the second book in the Gallagher Girls series.  While the first book was an  introduction to the series, the second book is where all the adventures really begin.  Cammie is prepared for an adventure but at the same time she isn't ready for what's coming. The Gallagher Girls series is my all-time favorite, the first book was good but the second is even better.

I love Cammie, she is a character that all tween girls would love because she is an amazing heroine and a really cool character.  She has all theses cool, new spy gadgets. I find that her feelings are very well described, you can tell when she is about to solve something or when she is scared. Her friends (who are also sidekicks) make the story even more enjoyable because they bring in funny jokes into the mysteries and also make you feel like they are your very own, new friends.  

The Gallagher Girls books are not the longest books in the world, nor are they the shortest, but they are fast, funny and mysterious reads, but most importantly, they are enjoyable books to read. Cross My Heart and Hope to Spy is Ally Carter's (the author) best book yet (out of the ones that I have read)!

This book is recommended to any tween. The 5th best book that I have read!

236 pages


  1. Hi Gia, this book looks really good and I'll try to convince my mom to buy it for me! Thanks for the review and the recomendation!

  2. Dear Anonymous,

    Good luck convincing your mom! Hopefully you get a chance to read 'Cross My Heart And Hope To Spy' and enjoy it as much as I did!

    Happy reading,