Monday, 7 March 2011

War Nurse

War Nurse 

By Sue Reid

In 1939, the life of Kitty, an 18 year old girl, is turned upside down by one man and his army:  Hitler and the Nazis.  Kitty trains as a Red Cross nurse, and to her surprise, is placed in one of the best hospitals in England.  More scared than excited, Kitty sets to use all her training helping the injured soldiers. When she learns that her young brother Peter is being shipped to France, she hopes never to see him amongst the injured in her care. When Kitty falls in love with one of the patients she becomes distracted from her work and finds herself in more trouble than she had bargained for.

Many young girls became nurses during the first and second wars.  Each girl has her story but Kitty's is one to be told.  Kitty is the perfect image of a war nurse.  Her emotions are wonderfully described and I feel like I am standing there beside her.  I have heard lots of stories from people about the first and second world wars. War Nurse matches the stories perfectly and describes them vividly.

I relate to Kitty because she is just an innocent girl, living her normal life, when one event changes everything.  Kitty had almost no experience as a nurse but by the end she has become a very experienced and trained nurse.  Overall,  a wonderful read, and this is not a book to miss.

This is a 'My Story' book and, like all 'My Story' books it is written like a diary. There are a lot of books in the 'My Story' series. I have a few of them and chose to review this one first. Stay tuned for other reviews!

188 pages


  1. Nice work. This sounds like a really interesting book! You are making my book list really big!


  2. Hey! I wanna be a nurse. Sounds good!
    Thrills, Phoebe

  3. Dear Auntie Toria,

    I do hope that I am making your book list long and that you are enjoying the book reviews and that they are encouraging you to buy the books. I try to review the best books that I have read but also books that other tweens would enjoy reading.If it is a mystery, adventure, romance or historical book a tween should (I think) have another tween's view on the book to understand it in a nore adapted way to their (and my) level.
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  4. Dear Phoebe,

    Be a war nurse, be anything you want! War Nurse is a book with a lot of characters in it that could be role models to any tween. The characters in War Nurse are so brave, confident and courageous; they are definitly characters that someone or anyone could use as a role model. I hope you enjoyed the review!