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Don't Judge a Girl by Her Cover

Don't Judge a Girl by Her Cover

By Ally Carter


This summer, Cammie is ready for a break from the Gallagher Academy and is dying to see her friend Macey who is in Boston with her parents. Her dad is there to accept the vice presidential nominee. In the middle of the summer, Cammie receives an invitation to spend the rest of her vacation with Macey and her parents in Boston! Cammie accepts right away and is excited to meet the man who may be the next vice president of America and of course to see Macey. Cammie will have  a chance to observe the President's security men and learn how they act and use their secret code names (like they do at the Gallagher Academy). There will be so much to do and maybe, if she is lucky, very lucky, she and Macey will have a mystery to solve. Or an adventure to go on. Anything.

This time, however, Cammie might have wished for too much, because, when she and Macey are kidnapped, she knows that the adventure has only just begun...


This is the third Gallagher Girl book and out of all of the Gallagher Girls books this one is by far my favorite. It had the best mystery hidden inside it. The other books were about her life at the Academy and mysteries at the Academy. This book is about her life outside of her school and about a mystery in a busy city. The fact that it is in a big city with many things going on makes the mystery more complex, and at the same time, more interesting.

A lot of Cammie's other mysteries were done with her best friend Bex (Rebecca) but this one was with Macey who has a very different personality compared to Bex so it changes the way the mystery progresses.

I liked how the book was set in the summer so that Cammie wasn't at school so we could see what she was like when she wasn't under all the stress of school.

Another thing that made me fall in love with the book is that this time it is just Cammie and Macey who solve the mystery and experience the adventure. In the book the author talks about how the relationship of the two friends is developing, and it makes me want to have a best friend to experience everything that life brings with it: to have someone else helping you and always being there for you.
It is a great story mixed with friendship and mystery with a twist of adventure.

Ally Carter has done it again; she has created another Gallagher Girl book to remember. A lot of tweens will enjoy this quick-to-read, well-written book. And, if you're a Gallagher Girl fan you'll find that the Gallagher Girls are full of surprises!

This is the last book review of summer 2011. I chose this book to review because, it was after I had finished reading this book that I fell in love with reading: I started reading tons of different variety books and became addicted to reading.

I hope that you all enjoyed the summer reviews and had a wonderful summer in 2011. (Don't worry, the weekly reviews will still becoming out!)

263 pages

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