Saturday, 16 July 2011

Bookworm News

Hey Bookworms! I hope that you are all enjoying your summer vacation and that you are busy reading your heart out with some great books. I am reading some good books and am super busy with a lot of summer activities like swimming and swimming and ... swimming! My grandparents just sent me two Ally Carter (my fave author) books and I have already started to read one of them. The book is called Heist Society and so far I am liking it.

I have just finished At the House of the Magician By Mary Hooper and have started to write the summary of the book but, honestly I am not progressing, so don't expect the review for another week! Sorry. But for the time being I have decided to entertain you with a summer reading list.
Please note that this list is a 'just for fun' list so that means that you are NOT required to read them. If you wish to read them, then go ahead and enjoy! It is just a list of books that I would re-read if I didn't have any other books to read!

The Tween Bookworm Summer Reading List:

#1. Prisoners in the Palace By Michaela MacColl

#2. Distant Waves By Suzanne Weyn

#3. The Daring Game By Kit Pearson

#4. Inkheart By Cornelia Funke

#5. The Unrivalled Spangles By Karen Wallace

#6. I'd Tell You I Love You, But Then I'd Have to Kill You By Ally Carter

Bookworms, I have always said that once you are a bookworm you will always be one (Once a bookworm, always a bookworm) but now I have another thing to say...

-Enjoy your books, love your life and ADORE yourself. You are the best thing that ever lived.

THAT is the new saying of my life and hopefully yours.

The anthem of the Bookworms...

That's it for now Bookworms, enjoy your summer reading! A new review will be out by next weekend.

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  1. Gia, I love your attitude. You are an inspiration to me!