Saturday, 30 July 2011

My second visit to KidsBooks

Hey Bookworms,

I am in my fave city in the world, Vancouver, for a quick visit! I am so over-excited! While I was there I could not resist stopping by KidsBooks. I was dying to see Sarah and to get some more book recommendations. When I went in on Tuesday I was greeted by a lady named Emily. She told me that Sarah was not in the store that day, but that she would be in for the rest of the week, starting on Wednesday. Even though Sarah wasn't in the store that day Emily kindly helped me to find a book that I would enjoy. We started to look for books written by my favorite authors and it turned out that I had already read most of the books in the store by those authors, except for one title!  I was missing a follow-on to At the House of the Magician (by Mary Hooper) that was only just released. It turned out that they didn't have any copies in the store yet. So, since I am a huge Mary Hooper fan, I ordered a copy!

After I had ordered the book Emily asked me to tell her my favorite book genre and I told her that I adore a good, well written, historical book. Guess what she told me in response to that?  She was a history teacher! She recommended a few books and she recommended that I come in another day to see Sarah so that Sarah could choose some books that I would like.

I returned to the store on Thursday and met Sarah and Emily again. Sarah asked me how many books were left unread on my bookshelf and many more questions about my reading. She showed me seven books that she thought that I would like and we talked about them. I decided to buy two books, the first called A Brief History of Montmaray and the second called Jeremy Fink and the Meaning of Life. I have started to read Jeremy Fink. I am half way through it and am adoring it. I will use a word that a usually never use to describe a book, but this time I will use it ... PHENOMENAL! This book is absolutely phenomenal. More details will come in its review which will be posted soon!

I hope that one day all my Bookworms will be fortunate enough to stop by this incredible bookstore and really enjoy choosing your next best friend for a week or two (your next best friend being a book!). I would also like to thank once again with all my heart, Sarah and Emily. I really cannot thank both of you enough. Your bookstore is fantastic and is magical and can be anything that a reader wants it to be, but it is the staff who bring the life and fun into it. Sarah and Emily, you brought life to the store, but most importantly, you wanted me to love a book, to fall in love with the story, and I DID.

Alright Bookworms, that is all of my news, and don't forget to check back next weekend for the review of Jeremy Fink and the Meaning of Life! I can't wait to review it!

All that I have left to say is to read your heart out and never forget the Bookworm anthem...

-Enjoy your books, love your life and ADORE yourself. You are the best thing that ever lived.

For more information on KidsBooks please look at the Where I Get My Books page in the 'Vancouver' section.

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