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Petals in the Ashes

Petals in the Ashes

By Mary Hooper


The number of deaths from the plague are beginning to die down and Hannah Brown is returning to London with her younger sister Anne to re-open their sweetmeats shop. Hannah is prepared and determined to begin working again, to care for her sister, and to appreciate the fact that she had not been taken from her beloved sisters by the plague.

When Hannah and Anne arrive they find their shop covered in a layer of dust and many pieces of wood from the walls falling down. The two girls set to work and re-open the shop within a week. Hannah longs to find her beau, Tom, whom she fell in love with before the plague broke out.
On her way into they city Hannah hears many people saying that fortune tellers send warnings of fire and of an event even worse than the plague. At first Hannah and Anne believe that it is nonsense because the worst (the plague) has already come....

As days go by, Hannah has still not found Tom and she is beginning to worry because the fortune tellers had already correctly predicted the plague. Could their really be a fire and when?

Hannah and Anne don't know it yet, but the worst is yet to come...


Petals in the Ashes is the sequel to At the Sign of the Sugared Plum by Mary Hooper. Both books are about an event in English history. I love historical books so this was a very enjoyable book for me to read. I have read a lot of historical books and no other author describes historical events as vividly and as well as Mary Hooper. Petals in the Ashes was also an interesting and engaging book because Hannah is a character, who from page 1 (of the first book), is very alive and real in my mind. She longs for adventure and for an exiting life, and when reading the book you start to become as exited as her and sometimes even 'slip into her skin' and become her.

I think that a lot of tweens would like Petals in the Ashes because when you read the book you are also learning about a famous historical event. It is a great read and an education wrapped up in one!

I don't have anything else to say except "wonderful sequel Hooper, I hope that Hannah has a few more historical events to live through!" I am waiting for the Hannah Brown series to become a trilogy!

Recommended for all tweens. You will adore Mary Hooper's stories.

187 pages

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